Unsure To Shop Ombak Wear Online? It’s Pretty Easy

1. Click on the items you want to purchase

Your items go to a virtual cart until you are ready to buy them. When you have questions related to the product, you can directly message us.

2. Click on the checkout button

You can also click on your virtual shopping cart. You can make final revision on your check-out page.

3. If you have not yet registered, it will prompt you to create an account

They are standard information that we need in order to make the transaction successful.

4. Choose your payment gateway and shipping preference

Select one of the payment methods of your preference and follow the instructions provided by each payment gateway to complete the payment transactions.

5. Get Your Order ID and await your package

Find out certain details about an order. Don’t forget leaving a review, you are helping the community by sharing your experience.

More Information

Purchasing OMBAKWEAR products via our website is very easy. You can simply create an account with OMBAKWEAR. We would advise that you create an account to make your online shopping experience easier. With an account, you can easily track your purchase and trace your package status.
To order, all you need to do is the followings:
1. Sign In / Register for OMBAKWEAR account via our WebStore (link)
2. Click Register at the top right of homepage
3. Fill in your personal information details (Username, active email address & password). Make sure you fill up the details with aesterisk (*)
4. Once completed, click Register.
5. Once signed up, check your email inbox to complete the OMBAKWEAR account registration. Simply click the link in the email & and fill up your email and password.
6. Congratulations! You already completed your registration. Kindly use the account when buying all OMBAKWEAR products.
7. Now you can sign in to your OMBAKWEAR account. Insert your email address and password you set earlier in the registration.
8. In your OMBAKWEAR account, you can see your dashboard, my orders, edit account, edit address and my wishlist. This section will allow you to modify your info.
9. Now, find the OMBAKWEAR products you want to purchase. Select Product Option (Sizes) then insert the amount details. You can zoom in to the product by panning on your mouse across the product image. Click Enlarge if you want to see the enlarged images.
10. Select the correct quantity. The system will automatically show the current stock of the product whether it is Available or Out of Stock. Complete all the details (Quantity) and once complete, click Add to Cart.
11. View your Shopping Cart, make sure that you get all the items you want to purchase in your cart. Click Continue Shopping if you wish to add other products/accessories. Make sure you click Update Cart. You can also remove items that you want to cancel by pressing the remove link.
12. Insert Discount Code and click Apply if you have any discount code. Discount codes are given by OMBAKWEAR during special promotion, holidays etc. Stay in touch with OMBAKWEAR for more discount codes.
13. Click Proceed to Checkout when ready.
14. Then you’ll be prompted to the Checkout Process Page. Here, you need to make sure that all personal information and shipping address details are correct. Your billing address is your shipping address. If you wish to ship the product to another different shipping address, tick Ship to Another Address box. If not, leave it untick.
15. Then insert your prefered payment method. You can pay via PayPal Pay or Billplz (which consist most of the banks in Malaysia).
16. The summary of the purchase will be displayed. Kindly make sure all details are correct.
17. Click Checkout and it will direct to your payment method website. Fill in the username and password and transfer.
18. Once you place the order, you will get an email from our sales team. Inside the email there will be the details of your order and our account number which is PayPal or Billplz
19. OMBAKWEAR will send you an email to confirm your order and the status of your orders will then be processed. It takes about 1-2 business days to process all orders. All orders will be processed on a first come first served basis. OMBAKWEAR will send you the tracking number thru email when your orders are ready to ship.
20. OMBAKWEAR will send you the tracking number upon shipment. Pos Laju Shipping takes 1-3 business days. You can trace and track the package using the tracking number via Pos Laju Trace .
21. Thank you for using our website and if there are any problems during the online order you  can just email at ombakwear@gmail.com or Whatsapp at +6019 4466 330 . We ready to help you!